Code of Conflict - ReDevelopment

Updated 29/08/2014

Note: I am currently out of the country so the updates to this page are slow due to lack of internet.

Upgrade Progress:

- Testing - 0%
- Investigate/Potentially implement an OpenSSL alternative - 50%
- Update SQL database connections - 94%
- Recode input function checks - 93%
- Reformat all code - 94%
- Update encryption methods - Completed 27/05/2014
- Deploy and enforce Https/SSL - Completed 10/05/2014
- Migrate S.A.V & H.A.P to new format (Like Vendettas)
- New Donations Solution
- Layout Upgrade


Things have been a little slow unfortunately, but still progressing.

I can apologize for how long this is all taking but the truth is simply that my real job that pays for me to live must come first.

Currently I am in the progress of changing jobs and moving house but of which are taking up a huge amount of my spare time which I usually dedicate to this project, Hopefully in the coming weeks I will free up more time when things settle down and get the updates finished.

My new position however will greatly benefit us, my job is extremely flexible and I will have spare hours each week which I can dedicate to Code of Conflict which is not something we have ever had before!

I appreciate your patience, this is still happening! It just takes time...


The base code is starting to get there, after my last 18 hour flight I should have the base code finished ready for testing.

I have dedicated a full working week for testing starting Monday to get through as much testing as possible!

As part of the changes I have a new IDE for development that I am testing which should make life easier moving forward.

The main focus is to get the game tested and back online as soon as possible, following that we will work on upgrades and the new layout.

As a side note I have been looking into payment solutions regarding our donations system, I am looking to move to a bitcoin based payments solution that will accept Visa directly (Not Master card or Paypal at this stage).

We are having more and more issues with Paypal and this system would clear up the problems we are having as it cannot continue on its current path, more on this later the main focus is our code base!

If you would like to stay in contact our TeamSpeak3 server is still online:

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